September 8, 2009

Welcome to Embroidery!

Wow! I have just entered the embroidery world and this is my first real project. I took a clip-art graphic used the fabulous Bernina Embroidery Design Plus Software, and digitized. Digitize = a few days work and lots of editing and such for a really simple graphic. The program runs kind of like Adobe Photoshop. So, once you get some shortcut keys and stuff down it gets a little easier. Since this is my first graphic conversion, I had a large learning curve. I am by no means well skilled in embroidering. The first lesson I learned, and luckily learned correctly, is that you always to a test run of the design on scrap fabric first. I think for as much $ as this software is, it ought to be more compatible with Windows Vista and come with some type of instruction manual. The training CD is a joke. Bernina does offer free classes, I just need to find time to attend. I am going to upgrade to the brand new version 6 and hope some of the bugs are worked out and life is better.

Well, this was "one of those" projects that went right down to the last minute and caused some stress. But, it got finished in time and all was well. I learned a lot and it needs some tweaking, but I don't think it turned out all that bad for my first time. This towel went to my neighbor, Lexi, in honor of her baptism on Saturday.

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