March 25, 2010

Fablehaven Hoodie

The excitement has been very high at our house this week...Brandon Mull has released his 5th and final book of the Fablehaven series, "Keys to the Demon Prison." We listened to the other 4 books in the series on CD from our local library, and we all LOVE it! The Fablehaven series is excellent! So, if you haven't already read/listened to the books, now is a great time to do it. You won't even have to wait to hear the ending!

My Mom hasn't yet read the series, but she was able to see Brandon Mull and get us

an autographed poster. Thanks Mom!!

Although Katelyn loves everything about Fablehaven,

she really loves the Fairy Queen and Kendra.

So, in the attitude of celebrating, I designed Katelyn a Fablehaven Hoodie.

I began with a simple, white, zip-up hoodie.

Next, I grabbed my paper-backed fusible Wonder Under (by Pellon) and leftover felt.

I ironed the fusible to the back of the felt (paper side up).

Don't move the iron, just let it sit.

After ironing, the fusible should be "fused" to the felt.

I decided to save myself some time and use my old Sizzix machine,

rather than cut the letters by hand

Make sure when you cut the letters, the paper on the fusible is face down.

The letters should look like this when you are done...

with the paper on the back.

Quick & easy!

Then, layout the design on the hoodie, and iron.

This particular fusible is not washable,

so I hand stitched around the letter edges to secure them.

Katelyn wanted me to put fairies on the pockets.

So, I drew the outlines with a marking pen, then stitched the edges with holoshimmer thread.

This is my interpretation of the Fairy Queen's insignia that I embroidered.

Hooray for Fablehaven!

Hooray for sick Katelyn!
She was kind enough to pose for me, then she layed back down on the couch to watch her movie.

She looks adorable even with her Vick's Vapor Rub all over her nose and chest!

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