May 19, 2010

Graduation Day

Our "little one" has been anticipating her preschool graduation for months. She has primarily been concerned about what she will wear. Ummm....WHAT??!!! Since when does that matter? And since when did she start worrying about clothes in advance? So, anyway, we discussed making a skirt I purchased material for about a year ago, and she agreed on that. I originally planned to make a different style, but when it came down to it, I changed my mind. I decided to make a skirt with squares on point. It was a little tricky to layout since everything needed to be sewn diagonally, but nothing terrible.

As graduation drew closer, the upcoming graduate started dropping hints like,
"Maybe, I am saying MAYBE I will get flowers for graduation."

Well, Dad got the hint, and Mom threw in the candy lei!

It was a beautiful day for a Preschool Graduation!

Here's to the Graduate and her new skirt!!


Zara and Nico said...

Jenna! Thank you for such nice comments. Your daughter is ADORABLE!!! I had no idea that you have such an incredible talent of sewing!!! I am so impressed! Are you on the Facebook? I could not find you. My email address is Lets keep in touch!

Krista said...

That's a crack-up! I love it, the skirt turned out pretty cute!