May 14, 2010

Notion's Tote Bag Sew-Along: Part 1

Everyone that signed up should be receiving the Notion's Tote Bag Pattern and Needed Supplies (with cutting instructions) via email. If you haven't already signed up, you can still do so by leaving a comment, or by sending me an email.

Needed Supplies

3/4 yard Main Fabric (for body of outside of tote and inside pockets)
3/4 yard Fabric #2 (will be used for bottom part of tote, straps, and lining)
1 Fat Quarter of Fabric #3 - if you cannot find a FQ of the fabric you want, you will have to purchase a 1/2 yard (for top part of inside and outside of tote, and bottom)
1 1/4 yard Medium Weight Fusible Pellon Interfacing
1/3 yard Pellon Peltex II Ultra Firm Double Sided Fusible Interfacing
1 1/4 yards Large Ric Rac
1 1/2 yards of 1 1/2" Ribbon

To Do List -
Shop for any needed supplies (e.g. adorable fabric)

Here's mine!

Cut-out and tape your pattern pieces together.

Layout all of your pattern pieces onto the correct fabric. Then, assess how best to position the pattern pieces, so that you can cut everything out (including multiples of the pattern pieces).

After you have determined how to position the pattern pieces, cut off the selvage edges of the fabric.

Then, straight pin the pattern pieces onto the appropriate fabric according to the cutting instructions.

If your fabric is not directional, you can flip the pattern upside down to cut the second piece.

Once you have cut your pieces,

you can label them on the back with a marking pen, or pin the pattern piece on top for identification.

When you get to the Large Pocket Panels, mark the dividing lines on two of the panels.

If you have questions, please email me!

When you are finished with this, leave a comment, so I know when to move on.

I look forward to see what each of you are making!


Lisa Macomber said...

so glad your doing a show us how on your can we use just cotton fabrics or do they need to be heavier and also the fusing stuff, can you buy that by the yard or do you need to buy in a big package, I ask cause I need to make this as cheap as possible (finances are really tight) and I need to know how much this might run....thanks!

I-got-the-notion said...

Yes, cotton fabrics are perfect! The bag will be plenty sturdy when we add the interfacing. The fusible interfacings are both sold by the yard and will be cheaper than in the bag. I think the one-sided medium weights run about $2-$3/yd. The Pellon Peltex is a little bit more pricey at $7/yd, but you only need 1/4 yard. You can save $ if you can find a store (like JoAnns)that you can use a 40-50% off coupon. Total supplies will probably run about $15-$30 depending on which fabrics you get and whether you shop sales or use coupons.

Lisa Macomber said...


I-got-the-notion said...

Sorry, I should have clarified that you can get by with 1/4 yard, but I usually use 1/3 yard of the Pellon Peltex.

Lisa Macomber said...

OK I got all my supplies today when I was out of town, I will get pattern cut and fabric cut tomorrow afternoon. I posted the fabric I am using on my blog, super cute, I think it will make a great bag, check it out!!

how many are there of us doing this???

Sherry said...

I would love to join your sew- along. Is it too late? I will get my fabric right away if not. Let me know what you think.

I-got-the-notion said...

No, it is not too late to join! Sherry, I have emailed you the pattern.

Alyssa said...

Hey Jenna:) its your fav. sister again haha. So I am signin up now:) I know its late but I told you it would be today right? Thanks Jen, you are the very bestest.

Elaine said...

Hi Jen! It might be tough for me to stay caught up until school is out in 2 1/2 weeks, but I would like to make one when I can :)

Krista said...

I'll be cutting everything out tonight!

Kirsten & Aaron said...

I have to wait til pay day to get my supplies, so I should have them Saturday. If you need to move on before Im ready, go ahead. I will catch up!

Krista said...

I'm ready!

Sherry said...

Everything is cut out and ready to go. Such fun!

Malinda S. said...

I am a little bit slow on this...but I am ready to go! Yes, it is almost 12:30 am and I just finished cutting out all my pieces!

candaroth said...

I would love to make your bag.Is it to late to start! If not could you send me the info.Can't wait to start .Thanks for doing this for us.
Anita Roth

I-got-the-notion said...

Anita, you can still catch up if you would like to. However, I need your email address, so I can send you the pattern!

luverlie said...

Hi, I found your blog while visiting 'Where Bloggers Create II". Can you still get this pattern? I would love to make this tote. What a great way to include your blogger friends on a creative journey!