June 30, 2010

What Happened???

There are days, as a mother, I have looked at my child and thought, "What have I done?"

Today was one of those days!

My beautiful daughter is following my lead for good or ill.

She has spent almost the entire day working on, what she calls, "PROJECTS!"

I know, what else do I expect? But, look how creative she is!

Project #1: Book

This is book she is making, and she is using a library book to copy from.

Notice she keeps her snacks handy.

I love how she really enjoys cutting off infinitesimal amounts of paper.

Project #2: Paper Doll with Clothes and Accessories

The folded piece of paper is the doll's closet.

Project #3: Toy Story Characters

We recently saw Toy Story 3 and had a blast!

My daughter made me a "kit" of all of the characters.

This is the "Movie Poster"

All of the characters.

This is "Slinky Dog."

By the way, she picked out the new glasses all by herself and LOVES them!

Project #4: Birthday Card for Grandpa

My father-in-law had a birthday recently and we mailed him a card, but it wasn't as cool as this!

This is the envelope.

Grandpa to her, Dad to her Daddy.

Back of the envelope, a heart bursting with love.

Front of the Card - Birthday Jewels

Inside of Card - Grandpa with a birthday hat, cake, and presents.

Back of Card - Signature Page.

Her next project is an airplane with windows on top and an American flag on the underside.

I love the creativity and imagination,

I just hope she isn't turning into an all work and no play gal like me!


Malinda S. said...

Too cute! I can't believe how much children pick up on and follow their parent's lead. Kinda scary. My two year old copies me all the time. The other day she told her g'ma "I am going to work". She put on her shoes gave everyone a kiss and went upstairs for like 20 minutes. When she came back down she gave everyone kisses and hugs again cause she was "home".

I-got-the-notion said...

Very cute Malinda! It really is amazing and scary all at the same time.