March 9, 2011

Adelyn Claire...

In the Fall, my sister, Tressa, asked me to help her sew a quilt for her baby.
Tressa had never sewn before except in a home ec class.
However, she was willing to learn a lot more about sewing and even purchase her own sewing machine.
I helped Tressa find a used Bernina Activa 130 upgraded to a 141 with all metal parts.
We took a trip to the fabric store and began the sewing lessons.

I took this picture of Tressa and her little sweet pea about a month before the baby was born.

I appliqued the top and we hand quilted around all of the appliqued flowers.
The quilt was almost finished, but our schedules were not always compatible.
So, the quilt was almost finished when tiny, little Adelyn was born on New Year's Eve.

Adelyn Claire

Then, I attempted machine quilting the rest of the quilt, which I haven't really done before.
I already own a Bernina quilting machine with a BSR. Therefore, I don't really have any excuses.

I was still inexperienced though, so I purchased this book and practiced quite a bit.
I realized after just a little reading that it requires some skill and knowledge, and A LOT of practice.

After I quilted the main top, but not the borders, I decided to sew buttons on.

I am glad I decided to start on a baby quilt and not something larger.

I played with the floral theme, came up with a wandering pattern and marked it.
Then, began sewing.

Although this is a simple pattern and I still need a lot of practice, I had a lot of fun quilting it.


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