March 23, 2011

Up for Auction!

I donate a few items each year to our local Young Women's Service Auction/Fundraiser.

Well, this year they are holding the auction a little earlier than usual, 
and I am running a little short on time. Not really shocking news, right?

I did, however, finish this Easter Table Runner to donate.

I am also donating the following services:

1. One minor alteration
2. One custom embroidery of either a monogram or name
3. One custom designing and sewing of either a skirt or a dress, any size,
fabric included (except a wedding dress).

I figure I already do these things for free, so hopefully it will also benefit the YW.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Jenna, I love checking up on your blog every now and then to see what you are creating! I really and truly need to learn how to alter clothes.. being so short and all(-: Maybe this summer we could get together?? Hope you are doing well. Jessica