March 24, 2012

Farm Themed -

Quiet / Activity Book

A friend of mine told me she wanted an activity book for her little boy. I misunderstood and thought she wanted me to make her one. So, I began making a farm themed quiet book. Later on, I learned that my friend actually wanted to work on the book with me. So, my sister, Tressa, helped me with the quiet book and she gave it to her friend as a baby shower gift.

In case you were wondering, yes, it was already pointed out to us that the door is backwards!

This is more evidence that my make believe world is better equipped for left-handed people like me.

I never did get a picture of the inside of the barn. It had cute stall doors with pockets to hold animal

cutouts glued onto popsicle sticks. They were adorable, good job Tress!!

Every farm needs a tractor. This tractor has interchangeable tractor bodies, for color variety.

Having grown-up with horses, we just couldn't have a farm without one. 

I used embroidery floss and tied off each strand for the hair.

Button-on sheep skins!

A little cat and mouse game!

Let's go fishing!

This page was inspired by Krista! Thanks!!! Copying is the greatest form of flattery, right?

We used a skewer for the fishing pole with a magnet on the end.

Then, we put paperclips inside the little fishies.

Lastly, we needed a farmer!

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Lauren Lambert said...

This is way too cute Jenna!! I need one of these for my little farmer!