May 23, 2014

Wedding Dress Makeover

One of my sisters got married in 2006, and she purchased her dress.
Here are a couple of her bridal pictures.

Extra long train

Wrapped, straight front

Now fast-forward...another sister decided to get married this month. The dating was quick and the engagement came faster than anticipated. One of my brothers is already getting married in June. So, my blonde sister offered to let the brunette sister use her wedding dress.

Blondie willingly, but tearfully exclaimed that I was allowed free reign to make any alterations I chose to the dress. I tried to help her understand the sacrifice, so she would not regret her decision. I explained that there was a possibility I might ruin the dress during the alterations, and was that something she could live with? She bravely stated that she trusted me and was willing to donate the dress.

Our brunette sister wanted to make a few changes, but was also willing to wear the dress as it was. We ultimately decided on some alterations. After investing some time into the original plan, I was unhappy with the plan we had come up with. As my husband lovingly and quite correctly pointed out, it looked too much like a prom dress.

Discouraged about the set-back and time constraints, I may have said in frustration..."I just want to burn the dress and start over." There are just certain restrictions when you're working with something that was already cut and designed a different way. There is also a limited amount of fabric to work with. Some days I wondered if the dress would work out and whether or not I could finish it in time. But, after a lot more sewing and contemplating, I was able to come up with something everyone was happy with!

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