July 25, 2009

Fishing at Trial Lake

I have never fished, but my husband loves it! My sister-in-law, Eva, had a lifelong goal of catching a fish. She told my husband that it was something she wanted to cross of her list of things To-Do. So, my husband told Eva he could offer a 98% guarantee if she went fishing with him. So, we packed up our gear and headed to the lake.

Our little one has always loved being outdoors even if it is playing with rocks for hours while Dad fishes.
After she sat through a whole DVD of Dad's on fly-fishing and loved it, we knew it was time to purchase her a fishing pole.

It rained and was a little cold, but Eva caught a fish after about an hour or two. She didn't know the fish in this lake are albino rainbow trout. This picture captured her expression as
she said, "I don't want to eat that fish, it's an ugly fish!"

Success! She was happy anyway! She ended up catching about 4 fish.

For the most important fishing lesson--my husband taught her how to gut the fish. At first she was kind of grossed out, but she agreed to gut her other fish she kept. So, after the lesson, she gut her own fish and almost vomited. Afterwards she said she would do it again. Maybe this is why I don't fish...I really don't want to gut anything or ever imagine that it used to be alive. I am sure I could do it to survive, but not my idea of fun.

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