July 26, 2009

Easter Dresses

Well, she pulled this out of the closet and asked if she could wear it today. It still fit, so I agreed. This is her Easter dress I made her last year (2008). Last year...when I tore my ACL the weekend before Easter and my mother-in-law had to help me finish the dress in time (she's awesome). Then, I ended up having surgery two days after Easter. I won't go into all of the details, but following surgery, my husband/heroe and affectionate life-saver (as he constantly reminds me) actually did save my life when I stopped breathing. The dress reminds me of an Easter we will always remember and be grateful for.

I purchased an inexpensive headband from the store, tore off the fabric and used it as a pattern to make a matching headband for the dress. I used tacky glue to secure the fabric to the plastic headband. Saving the braided trim from the original headband, I then hot glued the strip back down the inside middle to cover the ends of the unfinished fabric. It was really easy!

2009 Easter Dress

The overlay fabric didn't have a finished edge, so I used a scallop satin stitch with a stabilizer on the back to create a finished edge. It was kind of tedious to cut away all of the excess fabric when I was done though.

This headband, I just took a extra piece of the satin fabric and cut it a little wider on top.

Then, I gathered it with a piece of the matching ribbon I used on the dress.

I finished it up by making a bow, securing it, and sewing on a matching button in the middle.

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