September 30, 2009

Willful Waste Makes Woeful Want

I just can't bring myself to waste leftover fabric. So, when my preschooler needed a leotard for dance, I thought I would make one from the leftover lycra fabric I used to make a shirt for my sister-in-law, Eva, here. Confession: I tried to convince her she didn't need a leotard since they just have dance after school. So, the first day I dressed her in a dress with leggings and away she went. To my surprise, however, when I picked her up the other kids were all changing back into their clothes from their dancewear. "Oh, maybe you do need a leotard!" I said. She told me she wasn't the only one without dance clothes on, but she didn't feel like a ballerina in her "regular clothes." So, I began creating a leotard using her swimming suit as a guide. The night before her second dance class, I had to work very late, so I couldn't get it finished in time. She went anyway just as happy as a lark in the leotard with serged edges showing and markings indicating front/back, and so forth. Well, I have finished the leotard and a coordinating skirt from a red dance knit I purchased at JoAnn's to go with it. I also inserted a pair of shorts inside the skirt.

A pose of her own

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