October 28, 2009

Fairy Princess Halloween Costume

My 4 year old princess asked to be a Fairy Princess for Halloween. This is my costume creation made of silk taffeta, cotton stretch knit (doubled to line the dress because it's freezing here), organza, tulle, wire hangers from the dry cleaner, floral wire, hot glue sticks, ribbon, jewels, headband, and a fair amount of fuschia thread.

We decided to go for a complete matching ensemble. I first made the wings, then I created the dress. Finally, I made a matching headband and wand. My husband was quite skeptical at first that I was going to attempt to make fairy wings that are relatively inexpensive. I insisted since it would be nearly impossible to find wings that actually looked like they went with the costume if I made the rest. After he came home from work one day and saw them almost finished, he agreed they look fabulous. I will post a tutorial on the fairy wings later.

She specifically requested a sparkly jewel in the middle of the fairy wand. I purchased this cubic zirconium one from Roberts.

At Preschool, she and her fellow classmates paraded around in their costumes for the parents, then sang a few Halloween songs for us. She was so happy.

Pure joy on her face as she paraded about. She felt AMAZING!!

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Annie and Peter said...

You are so talented! And she is so cute. What fun!!