November 2, 2009

That's not all! No, that's not all!!

Two of my younger sisters decided they wanted to be trolls for Halloween. They had a couple of design requests and color choices. I set to work. Here is troll costume #1.

This costume was for my sister, Janessa.

I actually ended up making three troll costumes two for my sisters (Alyssa and Janessa) and one for Alyssa's friend/co-worker, Sheristian. My beloved friend, Krista, helped us all out by making the hairpieces. I had about 3 hours the morning of Halloween to help Sheristian with her costume before she and Alyssa had to go to work. It was down to the wire. I just kept remembering what Tim Gunn (Project Runway) would say, "Make it work!" So, I did. I will be posting pictures of all three costumes later.


I took Katelyn trick-or-treating, while my husband stayed home and handed out candy and doughnuts to the neighbors.

Doughnut Party

In keeping with my in-laws tradition, we made doughnuts and served them with apple cider to our neighbors (it makes Halloween a bit more exciting for the parents).

Halloween Costume Review

Since I haven't been blogging very long, I will do a review. These are the other four Halloween costumes I have made for Katelyn.
2008 Cowgirl

A cowgirl wouldn't feel complete without a ride on the horse with Janessa (she was a knight)

2007 Princess
I tried my best, but even at the age of 2, I couldn't persuade her to be anything else. I am positive I never dressed in anything so girly, but I'm up for variety as long as I don't have to wear it!

2006 Dorothy

These were the days when I got to choose what she was for Halloween because she was unaware. I hadn't really exposed her to any princess-type stuff, and her favorite movie was Cars.

2005 Witch

This witch costume is my personal favorite, but I had fun making all of them.

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