December 9, 2009

Santa's Mailbox

My family was asked to help out with their neighborhood's Polar Express themed Christmas party. They had a train, hot chocolate, dinner, clips from the movie, and everyone dressed in pajamas. In keeping with tradition, Santa also came. My Dad was asked to make a mailbox for the children to give their letters to Santa. He can make some pretty amazing things with wood. So, he made a wooden gingerbread house, and Alyssa and I decorated it. We used white caulk (to look like frosting) and hot glue to adhere the candy to the house.

Katelyn and all of the other children were very excited to put their letters for Santa in the mailbox. The house is secured to a platform atop a baluster Dad had hanging around the shop. There is a stand on the bottom as well that I covered with blanket snow and sprinkled with glitter.

I even made a chimney out of rock candy jelly beans, and a small Santa went in it. I spelled "Santa" on the side of the house with marshmallows, then sprinkled glitter on top of them. The entrance to the mailbox is a pathway of nerds.

My Dad built a stable for Santa's reindeer complete with sawdust for hay. However, we had a hard time finding inexpensive reindeer. So, we used four horses we already had instead. It is difficult to see in the picture, but we used jolly ranchers as bales of hay.

For the final touch, I sprayed the house with a water bottle, then dusted it with powdered sugar.

Since 4 year olds can barely wait: Only 16 more days until Christmas!!

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