December 20, 2009

Snow Princess Dress

Katelyn requested a snow princess theme for her Christmas dress this year. The red and green get over done sometimes, so I thought it was a clever idea. She went to the fabric store with me and happily sat in the cart as I pushed her around. She picked out the fabric prints she liked and I helped her pick out fabrics that would work best. She has been my little helper for so long that she is getting really good at it.
I used white crushed velvet with silver dots and white bridal lining for the bodice, platinum pucker satin for the skirt and headband, charcoal solid taffeta for the belt/tie and skirt lining, and gutterman grey thread. And.........POOF!! An adorable Christmas dress becomes affordable! Grandma purchased the coat for her last year and it was a little big, but it fits well this year.

The Dance of the Snow Princess

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