January 29, 2010

Activity Days - Savings Can

When coming up with an idea to teach 8 and 9 year olds about a budget, I thought it would be nice to have them make some type of a savings jar or box. Finally, I arrived at the idea that a hot chocolate or formula can would work wonderfully.

Here are all of the cans I collected...

This was my vision...

For the inside of the can, I made dividers.

I measured the inside width, and marked the middle line. Then, cut the carstock half way down.

I took two of those pieces and slid them inside each other.

I folded two of the wings together to make a larger divider for the savings side.

I taped it down with double-sided sticky tape, and folded the other two sides to look like this...

We made maps on the lids to help the girls remember what each section is for.

I made some templates,

and this is what they made...

The girls enjoyed the ability to personlized their cans

The stickers were a big hit!

It is fun to see their creativity!

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