January 13, 2010

Tea Party

Katelyn's 5th Birthday!

Katelyn asked for a birthday party with her friends this year. We discussed a few themes, then decided a Birthday Tea Party would be fabulous.

I began by making pink and purple tea cup invitations

The top opens to reveal the party details

For decor, I set-up Katelyn's tea set on the entryway table

Cards and tulle

I made place cards and necklaces for each of the girls.

Katelyn received a bead making set at a family white elephant party in December, and she was eager to make some thing. She enjoyed stringing beads with me to make necklaces for her friends. The girls were excited to sit down and see their necklaces, so they are all wearing them.

I went to a few thrift stores and found almost a complete tea set. I substituted the missing pieces with other items I found, and picked out unique mis-matching silverware pieces.

I served the girls a healthy lunch and was surprised to see how little they eat.

Maybe they were all just saving room for the mountain of cupcakes!

I served them hot chocolate in their tea cups

and put marshmallows in the sugar bowl

For 7 chairs, I bought eight yards of fuschia tulle and cut it in half lengthwise

Then, I cut the two pieces into fourths,

wrapped the tulle around the chairs, and tied bows on the backs

Some of the girls wore Katelyn's dress-up clothes for the luncheon

I found party favor bags with cupcakes on the front at Michaels

I think all of the girls had fun.

Katelyn thanked me afterward, and said her party was "Perfect, PERFECT!!"


Kirsten & Aaron said...

So cute, Jenna! Looks like the girls had fun!

I-got-the-notion said...

Thanks Kirsten!