March 1, 2010

Magical Week in Florida

I forgot to take the USB cord for the camera with us to Florida. So, I couldn't upload the pix while we were there. Now that we are back from vacation, and back to reality and chaos, here are some of the highlights from our trip....

Katelyn's First Time on an Airplane

She wanted the window seat, so she could actually see what was going on.

We showed her how to use her camera, then let her take her own pictures.
She enjoyed capturing whatever she wanted, and I am excited to see what she saw.

Disney World - Magic Kingdom

Dad was only able to play with us one day in Disney World, so we visited 3 of the 4 parks that day.

We would have liked to keep him all to ourselves, but I guess his work wasn't paying him for that.

Katelyn didn't particularly love the fast roller coasters, but she didn't scream or complain either.
Don't worry, she and I spent three whole days on little kid entertainment.

Animal Kingdom


The last day, she pleaded for one toy.

We looked around the stores a little, but she already knew what she wanted

a Tinker Bell doll with 6 outfits.

She was SO happy!
Atlantic Ocean

For all of us, it was our first time to the Atlantic Ocean.
But, this was Katelyn's first time to the beach.
She loved playing in the sand!

Once her shorts got wet, they almost fell off of her tiny bum!

I know......what bum?

One day of doing homework is almost as fun as Disney World.

Orlando Temple

Katelyn used our camera and took this picture of us, she's a natural!

Good 'ol fun!

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