February 18, 2010

I DO Believe in Fairies!

Katelyn has, what I consider, a fair amount of princess and other dress-up clothes. However, she spends the majority of her make-believe time as Tinkerbell. She can pretend for hours and hours that she is in Neverland playing with Peter Pan (sometimes it sounds a lot like telling Peter what to do and scolding him for things she doesn't like).

Katelyn has pointed out to me on several occasions that Tinkerbell is her favorite character and many of her friends have Tinkerbell dress-up clothes. How is that the one character she plays the most and loves dearly, is the one she doesn't have dress-up clothes for? Well, she does now!

Introducing the modest, brown-haired Tinkerbell (definitely cuter, I think).
Complete with slippers and hair accessory.

Shiny wings for fashionable flight!

Using the organza, I cut different sizes of circles, fray-checked the edges (so it won't fray),
and sewed the flower on the waistband.

Katelyn is affectionately calling the slippers, "bobble thumpers."
I don't think it matters what she calls them, they will be for dancing in!

I have never made slippers before, so I learned a lot.

I used her ballet slippers as a starting point, then went from there.

They are not as easy as they look, but I would definitely attempt it again.

Puff sleeves

Matching hair accessory, also with an organza flower.

Maybe they teach her these moves in dance class,
but I really think she just makes them up!

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