April 12, 2010

Search, Ponder, and Pray....in style!

I debated what to give my sister, Alyssa, for her birthday (as I do for everyone!). She loves purses/hand bags, but she has quite a few. After some contemplation, I decided to make her a scripture bag and make scripture covers to match.

As I perused the fabric store, this fabric from Paula Prass' Woodland Delight Collection seemed just the right choice for Lyssie-Lou!

After I made the scripture covers, I just kind of made up this bag.
Don't get me wrong, I made some measurements and had some ideas. But for the most part, it
just came together without really working at it. It was stress-free and really fun!

If you have seen some of my other bags, you can tell I am a fan of a good stiff bottom!

I had a few flat cover buttons I could use to make a flower center, but I did not have enough of
the floral print to make a flower. So, I dug through my bins of fabric, found this orange fabric
(for which I have future plans for), and made a flower with a blanket edge stitch.

When I finished sewing it together, I decided the bag was cute, but needed a little something
around the top. I dug through my ribbon and trims bin...and what should I find? Some leftover
ribbon from a present my sister, Tressa, gave Katelyn. Perfect! Yeah, I do save those things.

Now, Alyssa will be studying in style.

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

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