May 6, 2010

Notion Blog Gets A New Look!

You might have noticed I have made some significant changes to the blog layout. I have also added a blog button! As you might have guessed, I owe a HUGE thanks to my hubby. Yes, I have begged him to help me for months, but he has been very patient in helping me work through several revisions and modifications.

The layout appears simple, but we created the actual background pattern in Photoshop using some purchased brushes from (for those interested in creating your own patterns). I now better understand how fabrics are made and a small taste of how exciting and challenging it can be. I found it very enlightening. The actual blog template is one of the classic templates that has been modified. All of it was a little time consuming, but worth having something original.

Take a look around and let me know what you think!

We have some exciting things going on around here, so feel free to look around, then check back later for a chance to win our first giveaway!


Lindsey said...

Ok, Jenna...I just caught up on this sewing're so amazing! Everything on here is so creative and cute, and looks hard to sew, to me. :) I entered your tote contest by posting a link to your blog on mine, and by posting a blog entry on my blog, telling about your giveaway. My blog's address is Love,

Elaine said...

Hi Jen,
Your blog is beautiful! I invited Janet and my teacher-friend Alyse to check out your blog. You are AWESOME! I love you and admire your many talents!
Love, Mom