June 18, 2010

2 More Finished, and TIME FOR YOUR INPUT!

Congratulations to Malinda and Sherry, who have also finished their tote bags!

Malinda from The Sanders blog finished this cute bag...

And Sherry from Blessings From Our Nest made this bag in colors similar to mine!

Okay, time for your input!!

So far, everyone that has finished their tote bag (or, in Lisa's case, 3 bags) said they had a great experience with the sew-along and would like to make something else.

The problem for me is that I don't know what everyone will be interested in. There have been a few suggestions, but I want everyone's input. I would like as many people to submit their suggestions as possible. It can be something I have already posted about, or something new.

So, if you have a suggestion for what you want to sew next, please leave a comment!

After we get all of the suggestions compiled, we will take a vote!


Sherry said...

I love making tote bags and purses so if you have another that would be fun. I also love aprons, whatever is decided is great with me. I love to have the motivation to get a projects done and sew-alongs help with that.

Malinda S. said...

I really enjoyed the sew-along. I am all for doing the scripture totes. Those that like bags, as Sherry mentioned above, can use it for something else. Anything really!