June 18, 2010

Wedding Alterations

My cousin, Lesa, is getting married today!

She purchased her wedding dress and dresses for her two little girls online. But, she needed some alterations. Although I had never altered a wedding dress, I was willing to give it a try!

The little girls' dresses are super cute!

The dresses needed hemmed because they were WAY too long and sleeves added.


In the MIDDLE of hemming


Lesa wanted sleeves added to her dress, and she needed about 5" added across the top of the back.



 Because we were very pressed for time and didn't have any extra fabric from the dress,

I couldn't special order in fabric and had to make do with closely matching fabric.

I added some bead work along the back insert to help make it look less obvious! 

 I hope the wedding is beautiful Lesa! 

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