June 7, 2010

Wow! Lisa made three!!!

Lisa Macomber, of Beyond the Cover, made three Notion Tote Bags

and personalized them with flowers.

She even added a pocket to the front of one.

Congratulations Lisa!

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Lisa Macomber said...

oh my goodness, a post all about me!! how exciting...LOL
thank you so much for hosting this, I mean it. I had never made anything such as these and got into the groove quickly. Once you make one you can knock out others pretty quickly. I took the floral one with the outside pocket to a friends house today to hang out at the pool. Had our sunscreen and such in it. My friend recognized the fabric as I had just made Ella a dress with it and asked If I made the bag. She was amazed I had and I was so proud to show it off!! Your directions although was I am sure a process for you, taking the step by step photos uploading, etc...were a blessing! Easy to understand, simple and a HUGE help to me as I had never worked with a pattern before. Thanks so much! and please do post the other totes by others I would love to see them too!!