September 2, 2010

Tea Towel Apron Tutorial

A quick, inexpensive, and cute apron made from a tea towel.

To make the apron, you will need:
One tea towel measuring about 19" x 29"
2.5 yards of 1" wide grosgrain ribbon

Using the smaller, 19" side, mark the top of the apron 10" across
(4.5" from the middle on each side).

Measure both long sides from the bottom edge of the towel, up 18" and mark.

Connect the top and side markings with a curve, like this....

Cut about 1/2" away from marked curve, to leave room to hem the unfinished edge.

Finish the curved edge.
You can hem the edge by folding it under twice to encase the raw edge
or by serging and folding once.

Cut ribbon in the following lengths: 1 - 22", 2 - 34"

Attach one end of the 22" piece of ribbon to the top, right side of apron,
and the other end of the ribbon to the top, left side.

Hem one end of each of the 34" lengths of ribbon.

Attach unhemmed edge of one 34" length of ribbon to the
waist of the apron (bottom of the side curve).

Repeat with other 34" length of ribbon on opposite side of apron.


I embroidered the first initial of the owner's name on the top corner,

but it would be easy to embellish or add pockets to as well!

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Malinda S. said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Looks easy enough, even for me!