October 16, 2010

Super Fast and Easy Halloween Decor

First of all, I would just like to say, I love making things I already have all of the stuff for. This is one of those projects that didn't require a trip to the store, and it was fast, and fun!!

I've been formulating a Halloween decoration idea, and luckily I had leftover fabric from this skirt.

I used the extra white, yellow, and orange fabric to make a Halloween banner.

Here are the instructions to make your own!

I made a candy corn shape from some felt I already had, the color isn't very important.

I traced the shape onto the felt a second time. I traced and cut a total of 10 felt candy corns.

Then, I divided one of the felt pieces into three sections, like this...

I chose to have my banner say, "Halloween," which is 9 letters. I used my felt pieces as my templates. However, because I wanted to keep the original size of my candy corn, I needed to cut my fabric 1/4" larger on the edges that would be sewn to the other pieces. So, I took my "white" felt template and laid it on my fabric. I cut my fabric along the template except for the bottom edge, which I cut 1/4" away from the felt template. Then, I used that white fabric piece as my new template to cut the other 8 pieces of fabric. The "orange" felt template will need a 1/4" added to the top and bottom of the felt template, and the "yellow" felt template will just need 1/4" added to the top edge.

This picture shows the front of a candy corn sewn together, you can see it's the same size as the felt template.

I sewed the pieces together to look like this (back side).


I use a paper-backed fusible that is not washable, but that would save you time if you want to use that.

I traced my letters on to my paper backing, remember the letters have to be backwards!

Iron the fusible web to the fabric, then cut out the letters.

Peel off the paper backing, place on candy corn and press in place.

Since I didn't use washable webbing and because I like the look, I satin stitched around the letter edges, but this is not necessary.

I took one fabric and one felt candy corn and sewed them together with a zig-zag stitch 1/2" from the edges, then cut off about 1/4" with my pinker shears.

I measured the area where I wanted to hang my banner and cut my twine to that length.
Next, I spray painted my twine black.

I cut two slits in just the felt layer to slide the twine through.
Then, I put the letters on my twine, hung it up and adjusted the letter until they looked even.
Afterwards, I used my hot glue gun to apply a little glue to keep the letters from moving.

...And there you have it!

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