November 1, 2010

Hope you had fun!

I recognize I am a little late in posting this.

But, my Strawberry Shortcake hopes you had a fabulous Halloween!

Now for the details...

I used craft foam to make a strawberry. With acrylic paint, I stamped her gloves and organza.

I couldn't find the right shade of fabric I wanted for the front skirt panel, so I spray painted it.

Yes, with a can of spray paint. I have never done that before, but it worked quite well!

I pleated the bodice, added strawberry buttons to the sleeves and front neckline.

I added a little ribbon detail to the waistline and gloves.

I used the fuchsia acrylic paint to also paint a pair of her shoes that are getting too small.

Lastly, since I couldn't find red, I used pink colored hairspray to add the finishing touch!

She was beautiful!

After this, I bundled her up in a jacket, umbrella, etc...
Because it was freezing cold and rainy!
All of that work and then I had to cover it all up.

Maybe next year she should be an Eskimo?

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