September 26, 2011

The Power of an Example

I enjoy my attempts at being an astute observer of children and the way they think.
I find their thought processes fascinating & their innocence refreshing. In all honesty, I am totally enthralled in their presence.
On occasion, I am also reminded of the power of an example and exactly what that means to a child.

One such occasion occurred yesterday afternoon. After finishing up some of my church-related responsibilities, I came home and saw a invitation lying on the kitchen counter for a Young Women Recognition night that very evening. I am not particularly familiar with the etiquette of this celebration, but, I felt given the time restraint, a homemade card would be appropriate. I took some motrin to relieve my migraine and laid down to think. My creative juices work best when I ponder general ideas, then go work on the project until details come into place. It might sound strange, but I usually don't know what the project will actually look like until I am almost finished with it.
Well, my adorable little girl came and sat next to me. She could tell I was pondering, and asked me what I was thinking about. I explained, and she offered some good advice. We both journeyed downstairs to retrieve the limited paper crafting supplies that I own. Because I don't make many paper projects and I don't participate in a "card club," I really don't have very much paper or craft making supplies. On the other hand, I give away bags and bins of fabric since I have loads of that!! I brought my things upstairs & set to work. I was trying to be creative, and quickly get this card made so I could have things cleaned up before my hubby finished with his meetings. As usual, K.S. begged to help. I gave her some odds & ends to help out with including folding paper like an accordion. I didn't realize until later, that I probably insulted her since she felt her skills were underutilized. She is quite crafty, but I was impatient. I got about halfway through my project & she disappeared into her bedroom, where she has her own crafty area. She would come out and watch me, then go to her room and copy what I had done.

Here is the result! (please note, I never professed to be paper craft savvy)

Since she understood it was a congratulatory card, she drew herself as a baby in a car seat.
My understanding was she meant to congratulate her parents for her arrival!
I can't even express how much I love this kid!!!

My favorite part was when we sat down together on the couch afterward, and she looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes and said, "Mom, I made a reproduction!"

Wow! What an awesome, awe-inspiring, and scary job it is to be a parent.
Definitely not to be taken lightly!!

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