November 6, 2011

Pocahontas Costume for Brooklyn

My super-cute, former neighbor, Lindsay, is a very talented photographer.
You can check out just how amazing she is HERE!

I would just like to start this post by saying Lindsay is an incredible person. I will never forget how welcoming and kind she has been to me, especially when we first moved into the neighborhood. It is always an adjustment to move into a new area and Lindsay was the first person to come up to me at church and introduce herself. She told me about her children and even asked if she could sit by me. Lindsay, you have a beautiful smile and a fantastic laugh. I don't think I have ever told you how much that first encounter meant to me...thank you!

Then, you surprised me one day at Taste and Trade (a lunch gathering with other mothers and children in the neighborhood where we exchange food and recipes) when you invited your sister. She recognized me and we discovered that we all attended the same high school together. I am sad to see you guys move, but happy for you too! I have thoroughly enjoyed our friendship!!! Thanks for being such an awesome person.

Needless to say, when Lindsay asked me if I would sew a Pocahontas costume for her daughter, Brooklyn, I couldn't have been more happy to do it. Not just because Brooklyn is the perfect model for Pocahontas! I didn't get to see Brooklyn in her costume, but I hope it was everything she wanted it to be.

Here are some pictures of my standby model, who is much too tall for the costume. But, she was available and cute nonetheless.

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Lesa said...

This is so cute! You really are amazing. On a side note, Olivea hasn't stopped talking about you fixing our dresses and has been sewing together napkins and any scraps of paper or fabric she can find to make dresses for her toys. So, for her 8th birthday, she is getting a little sewing machine. I found a "Brother" brand machine at Wal-mart that isn't too expensive. I am trying not to feel overwhelmed, since it has been about 20 years since I have sewn anything. But she loves it so much, I guess I have to put aside my feelings and wade in with her. I think the first project we will do, will be a scripture tote. So, here's to more things I didn't think I would ever do. :) Thanks again for your help and especially for being a great example and inspiration.
Love ya!