August 11, 2009

Bear Lake

We had a family reunion at Bear Lake (Idaho) last weekend with my husband's family, and it was too cold to go boating, so we found other things to do.

Grandpa hiked up his shorts and attempted to pull in a buoy that a beached sailboat used to be tied to. However, he couldn't move it and his shorts got wet anyway.

Then, Grandpa helped carry the sand for the sandcastle.

We flew a ladybug kite. The wind was very temperamental, so one minute it was up and in seconds it plummeted into the sand. Finally, I got it high enough that it wasn't a problem.

My husband and I also played horseshoes. I hate to admit I was ahead most of the game, and he still beat me by three points.

We finished our evening with Cafe Rio enchiladas (google the recipe) and dutch oven desserts.
At some point on the playground our little one got a rock thrown at her head, but it all ended happily. The kids even got glow sticks!

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