February 12, 2010

Rag Skirt

My brother, Aaron, and sister-in-law, Kirsten, gave Katelyn this delicious heart-shaped lollipop as part of her birthday present. I thought it was just too cute to eat any old day. So, I made her wait until I could make a matching outfit. I know since when is matching an outfit to a confection logical, but I found matching fabric and couldn't resist.

Rag skirt and jacket

Can you fit the whole thing in your mouth?

This is "Classic Katelyn," pensive thinking

I made a white, knit, v-neck shirt and appliqued it to match

I call it a rag skirt since it is made from flannel and intended to fray

For Katelyn, it was a relatively warm day; she got a new outfit, and was
even allowed to eat the lollipop during the photo shoot.
Now, that's something to skip about!

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Heidi said...

I love this! My first attempt at ruffles was very sad and I haven't tried them since. I just bought a ton of butterfly fabric online for VERY cheap, so I am going to try ruffled Easter dresses. If I call you in tears... :)