November 9, 2010

Baby Girl Shower - Customized Onesies

My sister, is having a GIRL!!!

We are SO excited to have a cousin for my little one from my family, not to mention a girl!

I threw my sister a baby shower, and we made customized onesies.

No sewing required!

To make your own customized onesies, you will need an iron-on, machine washable fusible web
like stitch witchery, steam-a-seam, or wonder under, pen, iron, and scraps of fabric.

Pick a pattern from something you have, print it out on cardstock, or make your own design.
We used regular pen to trace our patterns onto the fabric and fusible web. It should wash out.
Iron according to fusible web directions with onesie underneath, fusible web in the middle, and fabric on top.

Here are the pictures!

This onesie has a front....

and back.

Since the baby is not officially named yet, "J" is for her last name.

Love you Sis!


Lee said...

They are seriously gorgeous. I will definitely give this a try on some t-shirts for my little ones. I came across your blog on pinterest! So pleased I did!
And congratulations to your gorgeous sister. x

aejohnson7 said...

I love this idea! How did you deal with the fabric fraying?