November 18, 2010

A Costume for One of the Jet's Girls

It's Opening Night!

My youngest sister is one of the jet's girls in her local high school's
production of West Side Story.

She had previously purchased a dress for the play at a local thrift store, but it was NOT a 1950's dress. So, she was told she needed a new dress and it needed to be either blue or purple and she had a week to get it. Well, what are the odds she is going to find something that specific in such a short time?
IF you have a sister that can sew, MAYBE the odds are better!

So, I went to the store the next day and picked up some amethyst shantung fabric, lining, and netting, and began cutting it out.
It is a FULL skirt with petticoat, so it takes a lot of fabric.

I am willing to humble myself a little and let you in on some of
the costume production photos...

Yes, my projects tend to take over my kitchen since I don't have a cut table.

My ever-patient husband announced shortly after this that he will be getting me a cut table for Christmas!!! No, it was not this project that inspired his gift-giving, but rather my habit of taking over all the available space and spreading fabric pieces all over
our whole house.

I really do keep a clean house, but my projects are messy!

My family has been very supportive and is used to moving things
around to set the table for dinner.

Hopefully with a cut table, I can contain my mess to my actual sewing area! 

Okay, on to the finished product!

My sister has a shiny, black belt to go around the waist, but it isn't pictured.

The dress is fully lined, and this is the matching lining.

Here is the petticoat...

I wanted to make the fabric kind of fun! 

The intricate pattern on the buttons is a little difficult to see.

But, I liked the detail, so I added them. 

My sister has been wearing the dress for rehearsal and safety pinning any unfinished pieces. It was wearable, but not polished. I, on the other hand, have been completing it little by little each day in the few hours I have between babysitting my handsome 3 month old nephew, and before I have to work. But, I finished everything this evening just in time for opening night!

We are going to see the play this weekend,
and I will post more pictures then!

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